PICO-APL1 Application StoryPICO-APL1 Application Story

    AAEON Technologies Open the Gates for New Smart Parking Systems


    Customer challenges

    More and more companies are demanding smart parking lot systems with gates that recognize and instantly open for vehicles with approved license plates. Setting up these systems is not an easy task, though, as the computers that control them have to support multiple USB cameras and separate displays. At the same time, they must be low-power devices that are compact enough to fit into very confined spaces.


    AAEON’s solution

    Despite measuring only 100mm x 72mm, AAEON’s PICO-APL1 packs a huge amount of computing power. With two USB 3.0 ports, it can shoulder a pair of cameras, and with dual H.264, MJPEG dual encoding, customers have a choice of compression methods. HDMI and LVDS connections enable dedicated information displays for both drivers and parking lot managers. The PICO-APL1 also supports high-speed Gigabit Ethernet transmission, allowing for backend cash flow control.

    PICO-APL1 Smart Parking Solution Diagram