Compact Solution for Bus Ticket MachineCompact Solution for Bus Ticket Machine

    RISC PICO-ITX Board for Bus Ticket Machines



    A public bus transportation company was looking to upgrade the ticket machines and digital signage in their bus stations, bus stops and even onboard their buses. To improve ease of maintenance, the company needed an embedded board with components built into the board which can handle digital signage for ticket menus and advertisements, operate in a wide range of temperatures for outdoor operation, and built in a compact form factor to fit in a variety of spaces.



    The company chose the RICO-3288 PICO-ITX board with RISC technology. The board offers 4K Ultra HD support, perfect for digital signage purposes for selecting tickets, advertising, and bus route maps.

    The RICO-3288 is built to endure the harsh rigors of industrial computing, and can be configured with a fanless thermal design capable of operating in temperatures as low as -20°C up to 60°C. This is perfect for use in bus stop machines, which are often placed outside with little protection from the weather.

    Finally, the RICO-3288 is built to the ultra-compact PICO-ITX form factor, measuring 3.94” x 2.84” (100mm x 72mm), and features a low profile, perfect for use in on-board systems installed on buses. It also supports mPCIe expansion cards, supporting 3G and 4G wireless connectivity for mobile applications.

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