SRG-3352: Bringing Edge Networks Together


The SRG-3352 from AAEON is an Edge IoT Gateway built to power networks for applications with Smart Factories, Smart Cities, and more.


AAEON, an industry leader in Edge Computing solutions, announces the SRG-3352 Edge IoT Gateway System. The SRG-3352 offers reliable and cost saving edge network operations, with flexibility to connect edge nodes and sensors with cloud services.

The SRG-3352 is powered by the Arm® Cortex-A8 800 MHz RISC processor. This innovative processor reduces the energy requirements of the system, saving electricity costs and allowing the system to be deployed with solar power or battery operated. With very little heat output, the system can operate in a wide range of temperatures from 0°C up to 60°C without loss in performance.

The SRG-3352 is designed to provide a great value and cost-effective platform not only with initial investment, but also in long term costs. With rugged design and Arm processor, the system provides stable and reliable operation, reducing maintenance needs. To connect from edge to cloud, the SRG-3352 supports 3G/4G LTE as well as NB-IoT to help reduce carrier costs.

The SRG-3352 provides flexibility in connecting with edge nodes. Featuring two Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB 2.0 and Micro USB ports, and two RS-485 ports, users can connect a wide range of sensors and devices. With optional wall mounting and DIN rail kits, the SRG-3352 can be deployed anywhere it’s needed. The SRG-3352 is also compatible with popular cloud services including AWS, Azure, and Arm Pelion, or can be configured to work with a customer’s own cloud platform.

AAEON offers customers total end-to-end support to deploy their edge networks, from hardware solutions to helping build and design edge networks from the ground up. AAEON also offers customization and OEM/ODM services to help build the edge network solution customers need.

“The SRG-3352 offers customers better flexibility and reliable operations to bring edge networks together,” said Seven Fan, Product Manager with AAEON’s IoT Division. “Together with AAEON’s industry leading support, the SRG-3352 can help customers build effective and efficient edge networks from Smart Cities to Smart Factories and beyond.”

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