The UP Element i12 EDGE Drives a New Era in Industrial Robotics

John Bernard 2022-10-06

AAEON’s new UP Element i12 EDGE blends precision-engineering with cutting-edge Intel® technology to drive innovation in advanced robotics.


(Taipei, Taiwan – October 6, 2022) At the forefront of precision robotics engineering, AAEON has announced the UP Element i12 EDGE, in what the company believes will be a key step in innovating the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and industrial automation markets.

Combining the agile architecture of 12th Generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5, and i7 processor platforms with industrial-grade engineering, the UP Element i12 EDGE harnesses up to 10 cores and 12 threads, Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, and a selection of peripheral technologies in a rugged, flexible, and easily deployed edge system.

AAEON believes the UP Element i12 EDGE will have a significant role to play in the AMR market. With three USB 3.2 and two USB 2.0 ports for multiple 3D cameras and sensors, along with a dual COM port pin header for RS-232/422/485 connectivity, the device is equipped with enhanced object detection capabilities and more accurate positional data via LiDAR and IMU connections.

Unlike many options in the current AMR landscape, the UP Element i12 EDGE is an industrial-grade solution with enhanced shock and vibration resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use. This is in addition to its reliable, efficient deployment via optional I/O cable locks, shock absorbers, and a phoenix connector.

Another benefit to AAEON customers comes from the system’s integration of the Intel® NUC 12 Compute Element, featuring an in-built trifecta of Wi-Fi/BT, 12th Generation Intel Core processors, and up to 32GB LPDDR5 system memory.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with AAEON Technology, a leader in the industrial and embedded computing segments, on developing a modular solution for advanced robotics. The performance, modularity and scalability of our Intel NUC Element product family, combined with the quality and the design expertise of AAEON Technology, is providing our customers and developers with an exceptional robotics solution,” Brian McCarson, Vice President and General Manager of the Intel NUC Group said of the product’s potential.

It is estimated that the attributes offered by the Intel® NUC 12 Compute Element will reduce lead time for the UP Element i12 EDGE by 50%, giving the development community a more advanced, streamlined route to deploying market-leading AMR and industrial automation solutions for both indoor and outdoor settings.

For more information about the UP Element i12 EDGE, please visit our product page or contact an AAEON representative directly. To find out more about the benefits to modular computing and how it facilitates the development of flexible, integrated solutions, visit the Intel® NUC Compute Elements platform page.


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