FWS-7360 FWS-7360 FWS-7360 FWS-7360 FWS-7360 FWS-7360


    1U Rackmount 7 LAN Network Appliance with Intel® Atom™ C3758 SoC Processor



    The AAEON FWS-7360 is a 1U enterprise-grade network appliance powered by the Intel Atom C3000 processor series. This high-grade CPU offers Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT), giving users access to some of the most powerful cryptographic software on the market. Thanks to a unique design feature, the device has two channels with an inbuilt capability to serve as either Mini PCIe slots or 1G LAN ports. The FWS-7360 also boasts DDR4 memory and a range of storage and expansion options, meaning it has both the capacity and the flexibility you need from your next network solution.

    SDN/NFV/vCPE Suitable

    -Designed with SDN, NFV, and vCPE application in mind
    -Its WiFi and 4G LTE capabilities mean it serves employees working without a wired connection.

    Onboard Fiber Optic Ports

    -The FWS-7360 features built-in 10GbE SFP+ fiber cable ports.
    -The ports are connected directly to the CPU, so users have additional expansion slots.

    16-Core Processors

    -The FWS-7360 can call on up to 16 processing cores, removing the danger of bottlenecks.
    -The advanced CPU also reduces the risk of cyber attacks and data loss.

    Dual Mini PCIe/LAN Capabilities

    -2 ports with both LAN and Mini PCIe functionality
    -AAEON can deliver the setup buyers prefer without delays for system redesigns.
    -The FWS-7360 is the only rackmount network appliance with this NFV-specific feature.

    ☛ More Information (Larger Workloads Handled Faster: the AAEON FWS-7360 10GbE Network Platform)


    • Intel® Atom™ C3758 SoC Processor, Optional Support up to 16 Core
    • DDR4 Slot x 4, Support ECC UDIMM/RDIMM upto 256GB
    • 5 Copper (2 From 88E1543/ 3 From Intel® I211)
    • 2 10Gb SFP+ (From CPU)
    • Onboard 2 Pairs Bypass
    • Mini-Card Socket (Full-Size) x 1, Mini-Card Socket (Full-Size) with SIM Socket x 1 (Optional)
    • Internal 2.5” SATA HDD x 2
    • LCM with Keypad x 1, RJ-45 Console x 1, USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 2
    • 100W Flex ATX PSU 150W
    • TPM (Optional)

    Specifications [FWS-7360]

    Form Factor1U Rackmount Network Platform
    processorIntel® C3758 processor SoC, optional support up to 16 core
    System MemoryDDR4 Slot x 4, Support ECC UDIMM/RDIMM upto 256GB
    EthernetIntel®X553 RJ45 x 2, Intel® i211 GbE x 3, SFP+ x 2 from CPU
    BypassOnboard 2 pairs bypass, others depend on NIM module
    NIM Slot1
    Graphics Controller
    HDD2.5” HDD Bay x 2
    CF/CFast/mSATADefault SATA III port x 2 (MSATA Slot X 2 Optional)
    expansion/internal interface
    PCIe SlotPCIe [x8] slot x 1, cannot use w/ NIM
    Mini-CardDefault Mini-Card socket (full-size) x1
    (Mini-Card socket (full-size) with SIM socket x 1 Optional)
    KB Mouse
    USBUSB 3.2 Gen 1 x 2
    RTCInternal RTC
    Watchdog Timer1~255 steps by software programmable
    Software ButtonGPIO Programmable Button x 1
    TPMOptional TPM v1.2 / TPM v2.0
    GPIO4 bits input, 4 bits output
    FanSystem Fan x 1
    MTBF (hours)142,412
    Physical & Environmental SPEC
    Power Requirement100W Flex ATX PSU
    Operating Temperature32°F ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C)
    Storage Temperature-4°F ~ 140°F (-20°C ~ 60°C)
    Operating Humidity10%~80% relative humidity, non-condensing
    Storage Humidity10%~80% @40°C; non-condensing
    Vibration0.5 Grms/ 5 ~ 500Hz/ operation (2.5” HDD)
    1.5 Grms/ 5 ~ 500Hz/ non operation
    SHOCK10G peak acceleration (11 m sec. duration), operation
    20G peak acceleration (11 m sec. duration), non operation
    Dimension (W x D x H)16.93” x 12.01” x 1.73” (430mm x 305mm x 44mm)
    i/o interface
    Front PanelSFP+ with LED x 2
    RJ45 Ethernet Port with LED x 5
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 2
    RJ45 Console x 1
    Software Programmable Button x 1
    Parallel LCM Display and 4 Keypad x 1
    LED for Power/HDD/ Status/ Bypass x 5
    NIM Slot x 1
    Bypass LED x 2
    Power LED x1
    HDD LED x1
    Status LED x1
    Rear PanelPower Switch x 1
    AC Power Input x 1
    Rear Expansion Slot x 1

    Ordering Information [FWS-7360]

    Part NumberFWS-7360E7-A10-000
    cpu Intel® Atom® C3758
    memory DDR4 UDIMM/ECC slot x 4
    mini-card slot Full Size x 1 (PCIe + USB)
    storage 2.5” HDD Bay x 2
    lan RJ45 x 5, SFP+ x 2
    usb USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 2
    console RJ-45 x 1
    bypass 2 pairs onboard
    nim slot 1 (Note 1)
    expansion slot 1 (Note 2)

    Downloads [FWS-7360]

    • Datasheet
    • BIOS
    • Driver
    • Manual

    Packing List

    • Console Cable
    • Ear Brackets
    • FWS-7360

    Optional Accessories

    M02666600 Slide x 2, for Rackmount Usage
    1702031803 Power Cord, 3P-250V/10A, 180D, 1.8M, VDE, YP22/ YP12
    1702031802 Power Cord, 3P-250V/10A, 180D, 1.8M, USA, YP22/ YP12
    170203180E Power Cord, 3P-25V/7A, 180D, 1.8M, PSE, YP12/YP12
    PER-R40X NIM LAN Module Riser Card
    NIM-S26C-A10-T40-0002 Intel® Fortville XL710 PCI-Express 10G SFP+ 4 Ports Module for FWS-7821
    NIM-S26B-A10-F20-0002 Intel® Fortville XL710 PCI-Express 40G QSFP 2 Ports Module for FWS-7821
    NIM-S13B-A10-G80-0002 Intel® 82580EB PCI-Express 1G SFP 8 Ports Module for FWS-7820
    NIM-S13D-A10-G40-0002 Intel® 82580EB PCI-Express 1G SFP 4 Ports Module for FWS-7820/7821
    NIM-C13B-A10-G82-0001 Intel® 82580EB PCI-Express 1G Copper Ethernet 8 Ports Module for FWS-7821 w/ 2Pair bypass
    NIM-C13D-A10-G42-0002 Intel® 82580EB PCI-Express 1G Copper Ethernet 4 Ports Module for FWS-7821 w/ 2Pair bypass
    NIM-S13E-A10-G42-0001 LAN Module, Intel® 82580EB, 4 x 1GSFP, 2 Bypass, SX short wave, REV. A1.0
    NIM-S13E-A10-G42-0002 LAN Module, Intel® 82580EB, 4 x 1GSFP, 2 Bypass, LX long wave, REV. A1.0