Enhancing Operational Resilience in SBCs and CPU Modules with AAEON’s Wide Temperature Assurance Service (WiTAS)


    The need for SBCs and modules that can operate in areas of extreme temperature variance is no longer confined to a handful of industries, but can instead be a prerequisite for innumerable applications, particularly within the contextual backdrop of edge computing and automation becoming standard facets of many business operations. AAEON has addressed the needs that these changes have brought by reevaluating both the default temperature tolerance of its SBCs and modules and the criteria under which they are tested.

    This white paper presents detailed insights into AAEON's testing processes, including the redefinition of temperature tolerance ranges, considerations for wide temperature board design, and the evolution of its rigorous WiTAS testing protocol. It also highlights the significance of thermal design and component selection in achieving optimal performance, durability, and longevity for its SBCs and modules.

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