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  • Услуги проектирования и производства (DMS)

    Услуги проектирования и производства (DMS)

    Специальный комплекс услуг AAEON от разработки концепции продукта до производства

    Design Manufacturing Service (DMS) offers exceptional end-to-end services from product conceptualization, product development to manufacturing and service programs. All services are linked together through a comprehensive process and closely monitored by dedicated professionals to guarantee the highest level in product quality, reliability and durability.


    • Technology leadership based on early access partnership with Intel, AMD, and a solid partnership with ASUS for advanced technologies
    • One-stop shop across industry sectors
    • Supply-chain management and buying power
    • Distinguished quality and services

    Collaboration Models

    Customers can consign to AAEON the manufacturing of their existing products, customize existing AAEON COTS products, joint develop new products with the expertise of a dedicated project team that oversees the project from product conceptualization to on-time delivery of the goods, and 100% design & manufacturing by AAEON DMS. AAEON DMS handles Large-volume as well as Low-Volume-High-Mix manufacturing, satisfying the need of our customers for every kind of computing platform requirements.


    • Project Management offers end-to-end services with a local Single Point-of-Contact
    • Regional support with Build-to-Order production, and logistical sites in the US and Europe
    • Committed product delivery and On-Time-to-Market
    • Long Life-Cycle Management
    • Cost savings throughout the product supply value chain
    • Reduced Investments in R&D, Production Overheads and Inventory

    Quality Management

    AAEON's Quality Management is based upon a strict Quality Assurance Closed Loop Feedback System which provides solid and consistent feedback through the design, manufacturing and service stages to ensure continuous progress and quality improvement to meet customer expectations. These stages are: Design Quality Assurance (DQA), Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA) and Service Quality Assurance (SQA).


    Design Quality Assurance starts at the conceptual stage of a project and covers the product development stage to ensure quality is designed in by highly qualified engineers. AAEON's safety and environmental test labs ensure our products meet the requirements of CE/UL/FCC/CCC standards. All AAEON products go through an extensive and comprehensive test plan for compatibility, function, performance and usability. Therefore, AAEON customers can always expect to receive well-designed, high quality products.


    Manufacturing Quality Assurance is carried out in accordance with TL9000 (ISO-9001), ISO13485 & ISO-14001 certification standards. All AAEON products are built using production and quality testing equipment in a static-free environment. Additionally, these products have gone through rigorous tests in the production line and dynamic aging in the burn-in room. AAEON's Total Quality Control (TQC) program includes: Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) and Final Quality Control (FQC). Periodic training, auditing and facility calibration are strictly implemented to ensure all quality standards are followed to the letter. The Quality Control Team constantly feeds related issues to R&D for improving product performance and compatibility.


    Service Quality Assurance includes technical support and repair service. These are important windows to serve AAEON's customer needs, receive their feedback and work with R&D and Manufacturing to strengthen AAEON's response time in resolving customer concerns and improving service levels.


    AAEON has manufacturing facilities located in Taipei, Taiwan and Su Zhou, China. To become the leading supplier of Industrial Computers, AAEON has created manufacturing facilities with flexible layout and expansion capabilities to easily address the demand for increased production capacity. Drawing upon the skills of its professional and experienced personnel to develop an efficient production system, AAEON has the ability to respond rapidly to customer requests for standard or customized IPC and embedded products.

    Client Base



    Communication systems on vehicles and railway stock are pertinent to the safety of its passengers. AAEON has years of experience in designing rugged computing used in control, communication and passenger information systems for transportation vehicles.


    With over 20 years experience in factory automation, AAEON provides reliable computing platforms to first tier automation customers. Today, AAEON extends its experience to building and home automation sectors.


    AAEON offers DMS services to top tier healthcare solution providers and its products comply with the most stringent regulations in the medical fields.


    AAEON provides gas & oil customers with safe and reliable computing platforms for measurement and data collection worldwide.