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Is 1GB ram of UP board sufficient for Windows 10?
It is not sufficient for Windows 10 64b. To run Windows 10 64bit you need at least 2 GB RAM. 1GB of RAM is just enough for Windows 10 IoT core.
What is the recommended memory configurations?
Please refer to the user manual Chapter 2.5 System memory (page2-11).
Does AEC-6636 support IPMI?
AEC-6636 can support i-AMT , but default bios is disable. If customer want to support the function , case by case to talk. IPMI only support by Server, AEC-6636 is working as client and can't support it.
Can AEC-6638 support Windows Server 2012?
AEC-6638 can support Windows Server 2012 due to Windows server 2012 is similiar with Windows 8〔x64〕, you can try to install the driver of Windows 8〔x64〕 on WIndows Server 2012 if you need, and if there's a error on driver, you can use the Intel driver center to search the proper driver for your application.
What's 2nd 2.5"SATA HDD Kit P/N for AEC-6967?


Is there any product of AAEON include or support Intel Pro ethernet controller?

The answer is YES! For example , we have several COM modules(e.g. COM-QM77-B11(Intel® 82579LM) , COM-QM87-A10(Intel® I217LM) , TF-COM-QM57-A11-02(Intel® 82577LM support iAMT function Besides , these boards can execute Hi-Manager because they can support iAMT. For more detail about Hi-Manager , please visit AAEON Hi-Manager page

What is Erp (BIOS power management)?

Please refer to the PDF file for details

Why can't I get normal screen at both panel when using 1280*800 LVDS panel than adjust to 800*600 resolution under Win7?

If you use dual 1280*800 LVDS panel, than adjust to 800*600 resolution under Win7, you can't get normal screen at both panel. The reason is Chipset Limitation, it has only one panel scalar on Cedar Trail. If you have this kind of application, please try EPIC-HD07.

How to accomplish triple display request?

Please refer to attached list for the EPIC-QM77 display status. The triple display request will be achieved CRT+LVDS2+DVI or CRT+LVDS2+HDMI

Why can single side RAM not be used on the products of Intel Atom™ Processor N400 & N500, D400 and D500 series

Per Intel Spec, Intel® Atom™ Processor N400 & N500, D400 and D500 series only support double-sided DDR3 memory.