AI Computing Platform

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    Redefining the Limits of Possibility

    The AI revolution is here and AAEON is at the forefront. With technology powering solutions like Smart Cities and intelligent security, AI is helping make greener cities, safer jobsites, and more efficient production lines. With leadership and experience in embedded platforms and edge computing, AAEON is developing and producing the hardware to power these AI systems.

    AAEON offers a range of AI platforms, providing developers and users with choice and flexibility to meet the needs of their applications. These solutions include platforms powered by the powerful Intel Myriad X, the innovative NVIDIA Jetson TX2, and the efficient HiSilicon Kirin. AAEON AI platforms are built for the age of AIOT, whether your application is in the cloud or on the edge.

    AAEON works closely with our clients and partners to help develop hardware solutions for their AI applications. With our OEM/ODM support, AAEON is the hardware partner you’re looking for to bring AI projects to life.

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    AAEON stays at the forefront of AI innovation and development by working with leading chipmakers to produce the most effective products on the market.

    Computing Platform: Intel


    The low-power high-performance Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU accelerates AI algorithms, and the OpenVINO toolkit makes it easier for users to analyze data at the edge.

    Computing Platform: Nvidia


    Utilizing 6-core ARM architecture, the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 gives users 256 CUDA cores and the power to process massive amounts of data simultaneously.



    AI systems utilizing dedicated architecture for accelerated neural networks and purpose built design for application specific development and solutions.

    AI Application Partners

    Facial Recognition

    Facial Recognition

    By identifying employees, VIP guests, and unknown individuals, facial recognition systems can alert staff about the arrival of important clients, restricted areas can be intelligently monitored, management can be told if employees are away from their workstations for long periods of time, and security officers can receive notifications about the presence of unauthorized people.

    Automated Inspection

    With high resolution cameras, systems can perform a range of automated inspection tasks in real time to ensure efficiency and accuracy in production. Automated inspection systems can ensure products are oriented correctly, identify mislabeled products, recognize defects and manufacturing errors saving manufacturers time and money.

    License Plate Recognition

    License Plate Recognition

    With cities becoming more and more crowded, city services are often stretched thin. License Plate Recognition provides a solution to alleviate overworked city officials by handling tasks such as smart parking meters, automated parking lots, and intelligent traffic cameras which can identify and report traffic violations.

    Virtual Fence

    Security staff are often tasked with handling a much larger number of people than they have the manpower for. Virtual Fences help to support their work by identifying potential security and safety threats and reporting to the security staff. Thanks to behavioral pattern recognition, the system avoids wasting time with false alarms.