3.5”嵌入式單板電腦搭載 Intel® Atom™ E3845/ E3825 和 Celeron® 處理器 SoC



    Building on one of the most popular form factors in today’s computing landscape, the 3.5” GENE-BT06 has everything any in-vehicle solutions has to offer: Soldered connections rather than wired one for sturdiness in high shock/ vibration settings; Wide operable voltages in observation of fluctuating voltages in vehicles; Compactness for easy installation; and different SKUs for users demanding different performance levels.

    The CPU is now located at the solder side of the board and is accompanied by a heat spreader. Compared with the use of a heat sink in previous models, this change reduces vertical space needed while still retaining effective heat dissipation, making it more conducive for usage in confined spaces. The CPU, along with other components such as RAMs, is soldered onto the board for a sturdier connection when used in high shock/ high vibration environments.

    Observing conditions, such as fluctuating voltages, in vehicles, the board can be powered by a DC voltage with a range of 9 ~ 24V, in addition to the standard input of 12V.A version supporting extended temperature ranges will be forthcoming in the near future.

    SKUs featuring dual-core (E3825, N2807) and quad-core (E3845, J1900) CPUs are designed for users demanding various levels of performance. Furthermore, dual display is also provided with the board’s VGA, LVDS, and HDMI interface, while the media being played can be stored using any mSATA device, supported by one of the two PCIe slots.

    The GENE-BT06 was born out of the needs of this ongoing market trend. The need for infotainment in vehicles is on the rise and the GENE-BT06 is the ideal solution to support this growing trend.


    • Building
    • Factory Automation
    • KIOSK
    • Medical Equipment
    • Test & Measurement
    • Transportation


    • Intel® Atom™ E3845/ E3825 and Celeron® Processor SoC
    • Onboard DDR3L Memory Max. 4 GB
    • CRT, 18/24-bit Dual-Channel LVDS LCD, HDMI (DP Sharded with HDMI/CRT, Optional)
    • 2 CH Audio
    • SATA 3.0 Gb/s x 1 & mSATA (Sharded with Mini-Card)
    • Supports 8-bit Digital I/O, USB2.0 x 3, USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
    • RS-232 x 2, RS-232/422/485 x 2
    • Mini-Card Slot x 2 (Full-size x 1, Half-size x 1)
    • Wide DC Support 9~24V
    • Supports TPM (Optional)
    • 4/5/8-wire Resistive Touch Screen Controller (Optional)
    • Solder Design For System Assembly and Thermal

    產品規格 [GENE-BT06]

    Form Factor3.5" SubCompact Board
    CPUIntel® Atom™ E3845/E3825
    CPU FrequencyUp to 2.0GHz
    ChipsetIntel® Atom™ series Processor SoC
    Memory TypeOnboard DDR3L 1066/1333
    Max. Memory CapacityUp to 4GB
    Wake on LANYes
    Watchdog Timer255 Levels
    Power RequirementWide DC support 9~24V
    Power Supply TypeAT/ATX
    Power Consumption (Typical)Intel® E3845, Onboard DDR3L 1600MHz 4G, 0.64A@+12V
    Dimension (L x W)5.75" x 4" (146mm x 101.6mm)
    Operating Temperature32°F ~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C) or WiTAS 2 (TBD)
    Storage Temperature-40°F ~ 176°F (-40°C ~ 80°C)
    Operating Humidity0% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    MTBF (hours)110,000
    VGA/LCD ControllerIntel® Atom™ Processor SoC
    Backlight inverter supply18/24-bit dual-channel LVDS LCD
    EthernetIntel® I211 (or 210), 10/100/1000Base-TX, RJ-45 x 2
    AudioHigh definition audio interface
    USB PortUSB 2.0 x 3,
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
    Serial PortRS-232 x 2 , RS-232/422/485 x 2
    Parallel PortSPP/EPP/ECP x 1
    HDD InterfaceSATA 2.0 x 1
    FDD Interface
    SSDmSATA (Half-size, shared with Mini-Card)
    Expansion SlotMini-Card x 1 (Full-size)
    SIMx 1
    TPMx 1
    Touchx 1

    訂購資訊 [GENE-BT06]

    Part NumberGENE-BT06-A11-0001GENE-BT06-A11-0002GENE-BT06W2-A11-0001GENE-BT06W2-A11-0002
    cpu Intel® Atom™ E3825 Intel® Atom™ E3845 Intel® Atom™ E3825 Intel® Atom™ E3845
    fan/ fanless Fanless Fanless Fanless Fanless
    memory Onboard 2GB Onboard 4GB Onboard 2GB Onboard 4GB
    lvds 24bit, 2CH 24bit, 2CH 24bit, 2CH 24bit, 2CH
    storage SATA x 1
    mSATA x 1 (half size)
    SATA x 1
    mSATA x 1 (half size)
    SATA x 1
    mSATA x 1 (half size)
    SATA x 1
    mSATA x 1 (half size)
    lan GbE x 2 GbE x 2 GbE x 2 GbE x 2
    usb USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
    USB 2.0 x 3
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
    USB 2.0 x 3
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
    USB 2.0 x 3
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 x 1
    USB 2.0 x 3
    rs-232 2 2 2 2
    rs-232/422/485 2 2 2 2
    expansion slot MiniCard x 1 (Full) MiniCard x 1 (Full) MiniCard x 1 (Full) MiniCard x 1 (Full)
    power 9~24V 9~24V 12V 12V
    power temp 0°C ~ 60°C 0°C ~ 60°C WTAS 2
    WTAS 2
    others DIO x 8 Touch Controller, TPM, SIM, DIO x 8 DIO x 8 Touch Controller, TPM, SIM, DIO x 8

    下載 [GENE-BT06]

    • Datasheet
    • BIOS
    • Driver
    • Manual


    • GENE-BT06 with Heatspreader


    Part Number Description QTY
    1700050207 (TF)USB CABLE, 1*5P Pitch=1.25mm Housinh, 20cm, for PFM-945C 2
    1701090150 (TF)Flat Cable, D-Sub 9(M), 9P Housing, 9P 1.25mm pitch Housing, 15cm 3
    1709100254 (TF)PHONE JACK Cable, 3P AUDIO JACK, 1*10P 1.25mm HOUSING(F), 25cm 1
    1702150155 (TF)Power Cable, 15P SATA(F), 2P 2.0mm Housing(PH), 15cm 1
    170220020B (TF)Power Cable, 20P ATX(M), 4P 5.08mm Housing(F), +3P 2.5mm Housing (XH), 20cm 1
    1700060157 (TF)Cable, 6P 2.0mm Housing, 6P JACK W/SCREW KB&MS, 15cm 1
    1702002010 (TF)Power CABLE, 1*2P Pitch=5.0mm Housing, 10cm, for PFM-945C.(12V only) 1
    175011901C (TF)BATTERY, 3V, MAXELL, CR2032M1S8-LF 1