Battery Pack Notices

1. User Manual

Read user manual before using the battery pack. Maintain a copy of the manual for reference as needed.

2. Exposure to Sunlight

Do not use, charge or store battery pack in direct sunlight, or leave in a vehicle unattended. This may shorten the battery’s life, reduce charging capacity, or cause the battery to generate heat or catch fire.

3. Static Electricity

Battery pack features a protection circuit designed to prevent damage to the battery pack during normal use. Do not use or store near sources of static electricity (greater than 100V), as this may damage the protection circuit, resulting in damage to the battery pack, battery rupture, or fire.

4. Charging Temperature Range

Recommended charging temperature range is 10°C to 45°C. Do not charge the battery pack outside of the recommended range, as this may shorten the battery’s life, reduce charging capacity, damage the battery pack, or cause it to generate heat.

5. Charging Method

If using a charging dock or accessory, please read the user manual for the charger before use and follow the recommended charging methods in that manual.

6. First Time Use

If you are using a battery pack for the first time and notice rust, bad smell, or something abnormal (ex: inflated), DO NOT USE the battery pack. Contact the vendor for immediate replacement.

7. Leakage

If the battery pack is leaking and the fluid comes in contact with clothing or skin, immediately wash with fresh water. The battery fluid may cause skin irritation.

8. Storage Conditions

When storing a battery pack for long periods of time, store in a dry place with no exposure to corrosive gases, within the following temperature ranges:

Less than 1 month, -20°C to 50°C

Less than 3 months, -20°C to 40°C

Less than 1 year, -20°C to 20°C

Check regularly to ensure there is no condensation on the battery pack.

If Devices with Battery packs are stored in a temperature that is over storage conditions of Battery packs, it will speed up the aging of Battery packs installed in Devices.

9. Long Term Storage Maintenance

When storing battery packs for long periods of time, in order to maintain battery pack life and charging capability, the battery pack should be charged to 50% capacity every 30-45 days.

If the battery pack remains in under-voltage state for a long time, DO NOT use fast charging. It is recommended that you ship the battery to AAEON for inspection before use.

10. Do not use the battery pack if any part of it is protruding or inflated. Replace with a new battery pack immediately.

11. If the battery pack cannot be charged (won’t hold a charge, system is unable to charge it), replace the battery pack with a new one immediately.

12. AAEON suggests replacing the battery pack after one year to ensure consistent performance of your rugged tablet device.

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