AAEON invites you to visit our booth at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2019

Dear Valued Partners,

AAEON would like to invite you to visit our display at Computex Taipei 2019 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan, from May 28 to June 1. We will be located at Booth S0703 in Hall 2 on the 4th Floor. To showcase the growth and development of AI and Edge Computing technology, our display will feature several of our solutions running AI applications. Here is a preview of what will be on live display for you to explore:

Defect Inspection: The BOXER-6841M is a powerful system built to handle the most demanding of computer vision tasks. Equipped with a GPU, our display will demonstrate how the BOXER-6841M can be deployed in defect inspection applications such as AOI.

Access Control: The EPIC-KBS9-PUC is the latest turnkey embedded system from AAEON. The system can be deployed in a range of facial recognition applications. Our live demo will feature the system utilized for Intelligent Access Control.

Worker Safety: Combining the UP Squared board with the innovative AI Core X featuring Intel Myriad X creates a powerful, compact AI Edge solution that is well suited for a range of applications. Deployed in a worker safety role, our display will demonstrate how the system recognizes when workers are not wearing proper safety equipment.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring: The BOXER-6841M embedded box PC can be easily deployed even in vehicles. When used with 3D camera and sensing technology, the system can go beyond mere facial recognition by determining facial shapes, positions, and even eye direction. Our live demonstration will show how this technology can be used in Fatigue Monitoring for drivers by recognizing yawning, nodding, and inattentiveness.

3D Inspection and Measurement: The BOXER-6405 compact embedded system is built to easily install anywhere and provides support for expansion. Our live demo will feature the BOXER-6405 equipped with two Intel Myriad X VPUs and the Intel Pentium N4200 processor, showcasing the system configured for 3D Inspection and Dimension Measurement for use in a wide range of industrial applications such as package sorting and processing.

Virtual Fence: The VPC-3350S is the latest network video recording device from AAEON. With a modular design it can be easily deployed in vehicles or as part of an intelligent security system. This demo, utilizing the AI Core X module, operates innovative real-world proven Virtual Fence software. This technology incorporates facial recognition and behavioral analysis to accurately determine security violations, alert staff and prevent false alarms.

License Plate Recognition: The BOXER-8130AI embedded AI platform features the innovative NVIDIA Jetson TX 2 and support for up to six MIPI cameras. Our demo will feature a license plate recognition solution usable in smart street parking, traffic monitoring, and vehicle access control.

VIP Recognition: The AIOT-AIVD AI Gateway powers AI Edge Computing in a compact, easy to use form factor featuring Intel Myriad X technology. Our demonstration powers a facial recognition solution capable of recognizing VIPs and blacklisted persons from 3 to 6 meters away, an unobtrusive system compared with access control systems.

Smart Shelf: The compact RICO-3399 features the high-performance low-power Rockchip RK3399 ARM hexa-core processor. Capable of running AI applications without the need of additional modules, the featured demo is a smart shelf solution, usable in a range of applications from intelligent vending machines, smart retail, and self-service stores.

AAEON’s display will feature these live demos as well as several static displays. Our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions and help demonstrate the capabilities of AI @ Edge powered by AAEON solutions. We look forward to seeing you at Computex Taipei 2019.