EPIC-ADS7-PUC – Powering IIoT Productivity with 12th Gen Intel® Core™

    AAEON Compact Edge Solutions

    Powered by 12th Generation Intel® Core™


    Empowering Your Industrial IoT Productivity

    EPIC-ADS7-PUC by AAEON is a compact but powerful embedded system adopting the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family (formerly Alder Lake), also known as the first Intel® IOTG (Internet of Things Group) platform, to deliver superior performance and high scalability in industrial IoT applications. Designed to accelerate IoT projects, the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor adopts new performance-optimized hybrid architecture that comes with a combination of Performance Cores (P-Cores) and Efficient Cores (E-Cores). For connectivity with peripherals, EPIC-ADS7-PUC supports next-generation, high-speed memory and interfaces, including DDR5 dual-channel SO-DIMM at 4800 MHz up to 64GB, PCIe x 8 Gen 5 slot, USB 3.2 Gen2x2, M.2 slots for expansions, and multiple independent display outputs to shorten the deployment processes for your AIoT applications.

    Superior Performance by Hybrid Architecture


    The hybrid architecture of the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family supports up to 16 cores (8 for P-Cores and 8 for E-Cores) and 24 threads. While the P-Cores maximize single-thread performance, the E-Cores empower multitasking efficiency as well as background tasks offloading. With hardware-based Intel® Thread Director, EPIC-ADS7-PUC can guide operating systems in allocating the right thread onto the right core to maximize resources and performance.

    Next-Generation, High-Speed Interfaces


    EPIC-ADS7-PUC supports next-generation, ultra-speed DDR5 memory up to 64GB at 4800 MHz for much enhanced memory bandwidth speeds. For enhanced connection bandwidth with external peripherals, EPIC-ADS7-PUC supports PCIe x 8 Gen 5 slot (up to 32GT/s) for GPU or AI acceleration module, one USB 3.2 Gen2x2 port (up to 20Gbps), multiple independent display outputs (HDMI 2.0b, DP++), and multiple M.2 slots for expansion such as NVMe storage, Wi-Fi 6E or 5G connectivity modules (5G connectivity modules supported by M.2 3052 B key socket).

    Next-Generation Graphical Engine

    Powered by the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family, EPIC-ADS7-PUC supports Intel® UHD Graphics architecture offers evolutionary visual performance to support multiple display ports for simultaneous graphical outputs.

    Wi-Fi 6E Connectivity

    By adopting 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor and the design of M.2 2230 (E-key) expansion socket, EPIC-ADS7-PUC supports Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) wireless connectivity, much superior to legacy Wi-Fi.

    Enhanced LAN Connection

    For reliable network connections in embedded applications where intensive processing of multimedia and data analytics is required, EPIC-ADS7-PUC provides one 2.5GbE LAN port and three GbE LAN ports. The 2.5GbE port offers enhanced bandwidth and high-speed data transfer ideal for WAN optimization.


    What You Can Achieve with EPIC-ADS7-PUC

    Built with superior compute and graphic performances, as well as next-generation I/O interfaces, EPIC-ADS7-PUC can benefit industrial automation or digital healthcare as a compact and powerful edge computing gateway. In such applications, personnel frequently have to deal with intensive data and graphical workloads, as enormous volume of data is generated from all the connected devices and requires visual presentations which further cause the latency. With EPIC-ADS7-PUC deployed as the edge gateway, the superior performance realized by the hybrid architecture of the 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family (formerly Alder Lake) can work seamlessly with all the connected equipment to minimize the latency due to multitasked workloads. The maximized single thread performance of the process can bring the ultimate experience when data and visual processing, and analytics are being performed.

    EPIC-ADS7-PUC can also work seamlessly with peripherals through its next-generation, high-speed I/Os. With PCIex8 Gen5 slot, the embedded system can be expanded with added-on graphic card or AI-optimizing modules to upgrade AI projects on-site. EPIC-ADS7-PUC also comes with one USB 3.2 Gen2x2 port (up to 20Gbps) to offer fast data transfer between the embedded system and the peripherals connected to it. Powered by Intel® UHD Graphics architecture, EPIC-ADS7 offers optimal visual experience in healthcare where digitalized diagnoses require graphical processing and presentation at minimal latency. For robust Ethernet connections, EPIC-ADS7-PUC provides one 2.5GbE LAN port and three GbE LAN ports to enhance the bandwidth and performance for intensive processing of multimedia and data analytics. In addition, EPIC-ADS7 provides multiple M.2 slots for functional expansion not only for NVMe storage modules, but also for Wi-Fi 6E and 5G network modules to provide the next-generation, dual-connectivity needed for today’s digitalized healthcare, telematics or industrial automation.

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