Frame Grabber Card

✦ Independent Host USB3.0 Controller

AAEON implements independent USB Host Controllers and Intel i211 LAN Controllers to enable users to optimize image processing and prevent the loss of frames.

✦ Sufficient Bandwidth

AAEON’s Frame Grabber Card supports a PCIe(x4) interface to ensure each USB 3.0/USB 3.1/LAN/PoE port has access to the widest possible bandwidth.

✦ Lockable USB 3.0

AAEON’s USB 3.0 Frame Grabber Card is equipped with a lockable USB port design to prevent the card from coming loose, guaranteeing you against the loss of data.

✦ Smart PoE

With smart PoE, users can save energy by remotely turning on and off individual ports by our utility, and they can also reset cameras to conduct debugging.

✦ Sufficient Power Budget

PoE/USB 3.0/USB 3.1 Frame Grabber Cards support extra 12V power input, which guarantees a stable supply of power to the card.

✦ Partner: CameraLink/CoaXpress

AAEON’s BOXER PCs are compatible with CameraLink and CoaXpress Frame Grabber Cards, as AAEON has worked with Euresys on these technologies.

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2 Ports Intel® 10GbE LAN PCI-E [x4] Frame Grabbe


2 Ports Intel® 10GbE LAN PCI-E [x4] Frame Grabber Card

2-Port USB 3.2 Gen PCI-E [x4] Frame Grabber Card


2-Port USB 3.2 Gen 2 PCI-E [x4] Frame Grabber Card

4-Port/ 2-Port Intel® GbE LAN/ PoE PCI-E [x4] Fr


4-Port/ 2-Port Intel® GbE LAN/ PoE PCI-E [x4] Frame Grabber Card



4-Port USB 3.2 Gen 1 PCI-E [x4] Frame Grabber Card