Professional Maker Board

    It’s Time to Move UP with an AAEON Professional Maker Board

    UP Boards

    Combining flexibility with powerful Intel processors and industrial-grade specifications, AAEON’s UP series is perfect for professional makers and innovators who need a level of computing power not available with simple maker boards. Backed by AAEON’s industrial know-how, this range of boards is ideal for companies planning on turning good concepts into effective, mass-produced products.

    UP Board

    UP Board

    A credit-card sized Intel® Atom™ x5 SBC with versatile 40-pin expansion


    UP Squared

    The first FPGA on board SBC powered by Intel® Apollo-Lake

    UP Core

    UP Core

    A post-it sized SBC + COM powered by Intel® Atom™ x5

    UP AI Edge

    AI Core

    AAEON continues to innovate, and the launch of the AI Core module gives developers a simple way to add strong edge AI capabilities to their applications.

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    UP Expansion Boards

    With its range of expansion boards, AAEON has made it easier than ever before to create working systems. Developers can quickly add functionality by connecting tried and trusted solutions, cutting development times and leaving users free to innovate.

    UP Camera Hat


    2M camera kit



    Realtek Audio Board



    PoE Ideal Diode Bridge & PD Forward/Flyback Controller

    UP Development Kits

    Building on the strength of the UP series, AAEON has partnered with some of the technology industry’s biggest companies to release a line of development kits. Designed to give customers all the tools they need to create groundbreaking new systems, these kits incorporate different technologies into a series of seamless and reliable packages.

    IoT Grove Development Kit

    The IoT development kit includes a UP Squared board, Grove sensors and an Ubuntu preload image connecting with Arduino create. You get a pre-loaded OS, a number of sensors to play with and an IoT development platform to code and connect to Clouds.

    What's in the box

    • UP Squared board (Celeron N350, 2GB RAM/ 32GB eMMC)
    • Power supply 5V @ 6A
    • EU/US Power cord
    • 16GB USB memory stick
    • Micro USB 3.0 serial cable
    • Grove interface board
    • Grove LCD RGB backlight
    • Grove light sensor v1.2
    • Grove button
    • Grove temperature and humidity sensor
    • Grove green LED


    Ready to start your vision project? Together with Intel, UP presents a UP Squared AI Vision Development Kit as an official AI vision accelerator. Everything is pre-configured to use OpenVINO™ toolkit and it includes a clear tutorial to connect wide range cloud connectors such as Microsoft Azue, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

    List of Content

    • Intel Atom® x7-E3950 processor, 4GB memory,
      64GB eMMC with Ubuntu 16.04 image+ OpenVINO™ toolkit

    • AI Core module
    • UP HD camera
    • Screw driver
    • power supply
    • US/EU power Cord
    LoRa gateway

    Starter kit for On premises private LoRa® network composed by AAEON Industrial IoT Indoor LoRa® Alliance Certified Edge Gateway "AIOT-ILRA01" bundled with ResIOT Network Server.

    A complete and professional solution to bring up your applications in 1 hour.
    Zero configuration needed, it comes with pre-loaded image.

    List of Content

    • AIOT-ILRA01 Gateway with pre-flashed OS image,
      ready to start-up with ResIOT

    • 5V@4A AC adapter with interchange power inlet-UK,
      EU,US/AUS and CN

    • LoRa® Antenna
      -Gain: 2dBi
      -Polarization: Linear, Vertical
      -Impedance: 50 ohm

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